World Bank Ethiopia For Fresh Graduate New Job vacancy

Job Description: Young Professionals Program (WBG YPP)

The World Bank Group’s Young Professionals Program (WBG YPP) is a prestigious opportunity for talented individuals from around the world to kickstart an exciting career within the World Bank, IFC, and MIGA. We seek passionate applicants with diverse academic and professional backgrounds relevant to our institutions, who have a strong commitment to international development and possess the potential to assume impactful leadership roles.

Application Period:

  • Applications are open from July 3 to July 31 for all profiles.
  • For IFC profiles only, applications are accepted from August 15 to September 30.

Note: Before applying, kindly ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements and review the application checklist provided below for the required materials. All applications must be completed by 11:59 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the last day of the application period. Candidates must choose the institution (World Bank, IFC, or MIGA) that best aligns with their skillset. Please note that duplicate applications will not be reviewed and will not increase the chances of selection.

Application Checklist:

  • Resume/CV
  • Academic Credentials* (Diploma, Degree Completion Letter, Proof of Enrollment with Expected Graduation Date, or Transcript)
  • 1 Short Essay
  • Short Summary of Thesis or Dissertation (World Bank candidates, only if applicable)
  • 3 Professional or Academic Recommendations** (Recommendations will be requested via email during the eligibility screening stage)

Short Essay Questions:

  1. Why would you like to join the World Bank Group Young Professionals Program, and what makes you a great candidate for the program? In your response, please indicate your preference for participating in the program at the World Bank, IFC, or MIGA, and provide reasons for your choice.
  2. Overlapping crises, such as disease outbreaks, climate change impacts, conflicts, and financial crises, coupled with fiscal and resource constraints, pose a complex challenge to many countries. How would you advise the World Bank Group to support countries in addressing this challenge, including increasing governments’ capacity to respond to the needs of their most vulnerable populations, mobilizing financing for development through collaboration with the private sector, and engaging with the international community? If possible, please illustrate your response with examples based on your technical expertise and experience.

The Interview Process:
YPP interviews will be conducted in a hybrid format, including virtual and in-person components. The interview may include:

  • Pre-recorded interview (on Hirevue)
  • Live panel interview
  • An assessment center with individual and group exercises
  • Timed computer-based financial tests (IFC candidates)

How to Apply:
Interested candidates can register using the following link:

Note: Applicants who are invited to interview will receive more details as the process progresses. Candidates are assessed based on their experience, technical expertise, and competencies, such as client orientation, leadership, and communication skills.

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