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Background of the Organization:

Shabelle Bank is an Ethiopian National Bank that is fully regulated and conducts all of its operations in compliance with Islamic banking standards. Shabelle Bank was founded in 2011 as a microfinance institution. Later, company gained a banking licence to further serve its clients by offering ethical financial solutions. With the goal of Facilitating Growth and Enriching Lives, the bank reaches out to its customers through an expanding network of branches in Ethiopia. The Consultancy’s Specific Goal We plan to appoint an experienced and energetic consultant to assess and reform Shabelle Bank’s pay and benefits in order to make them more competitive and market-relevant. Conduct a comprehensive diagnostic study and propose structural changes to align with the organization’s strategic needs.

Scope of Work:

1.      Designing and implementing a workable Human Capital Plan for Shabelle Bank

The design will address the immediate as well as strategic requirements of the company. The exercise  undertaken by the consultant will include (but not be limited to) the following:

2.    Review the Vision (Brand Promise) and Strategic Goals

o   Understanding the basic purpose of the existence of the organization and designing the vision (brand promise) in line with our commitment to best serve our end-customers the “consumers of Shabelle Bank”.

o   Reviewing SB strategic goals to align them with the Vision and then translating these to functional and operational objectives.

3.      Review and Restructure the organizational Design

The organizational structure of the Bank will be reviewed in conducting a diagnostic and thorough study of a revised structure which have to will be designed to cater for the strategic needs of the company be they structure or skill-wise. The report submitted thereby will include (but not be limited to) the following points:

o   Review of the existing organizational structure of Shabelle Bank with identification of the optimal required staff and skills.

o   Conduct a baseline review of Shabelle Bank’s Structure,  current salary scale, benefits, and allowances- while defining clear salary grades across the company structure

o   Develop salary grading functionality and salary matric

o   Deeply revisit the current company structure with in-depth focus and analyses of industry requirements in terms of skills and scope of operations.

o   Review existing bank HR & Administration Policy & Procedures and identify gaps and department capacity weaknesses compared to best practices of similar industries.

o   Based on the review, develop and propose comprehensive input of gaps in HR policy and procedure wide. This will include but not be limited to recruitment and selection practices, training, performance management system, career planning, compensation, disciplinary rules and employee wellbeing

o   Independently complete diagnostic study of the company structure indicating the gaps and duplications.

o   Revised organizational structure catering for the strategic needs of the company, along with the rationale behind the proposed changes.

o   Design mechanism of conversion of existing job cadres and positions to new proposed organogram and absorption of employees thereof accordingly.

o   Assessing the organizational need for all the HR categories of the company i.e. operational staff, contractor staff, project staff and corporate managerial staff etc.

o   Profiling the competencies for each tier/step /position (job specifications).

o   Devise plan and procedures for reassignment of staff/employees on positions identified as duplicating positions. Also, identify positions where fresh hiring is required. These should conform to all relevant and applicable legal requirements.

o   Succession management strategy along with a workable action plan.

1.      Development of HR Policies & Procedures

o   Design, recommend and assist in the implementation of a transparent result-based performance management system which ensures a thorough assessment of achievements and a link to employee incentive systems.

o   Review the existing career development policy and suggest changes/devise a suitable promotion policy and rewards/incentives system to ensure good performance and increased retention.

o   Recommendations on improvement in employee wellbeing systems to promote dedication, commitment, and optimum output.

5.  Development of Job Descriptions and Performance Management System

The existing performance management system of Shabelle Bank will be reviewed and an integrated performance management system will be designed. The objective is to establish a system of Accountability thereby rewarding good performance. The report will   include (but not be limited to) the following points:

o   Detailed analyses of existing job descriptions of various categories, existing performance management systems and KPIs.

o   Clear job descriptions for each specific position in the company, the job descriptions must be aligned with the organizational goals.

o   Key Performance Indicators for each position.

o   Periodic performance appraisal format and schedule of all the positions linked with KPIs.

o   The detailed mechanism for linking the performance with compensation.

o   Detailed recruitment planning and execution system.

6. Development of Career Development System

o   Review and develop categories and detailed clear procedures for employee learning and development to prepare them to progress in their careers and assume larger responsibilities.

o   Design career development plans for employees at all levels to ensure that all staff is trained to carry out their relevant tasks. Suggestions regarding linking the performance with adequate professional development opportunities: courses, seminars, opportunities to attend conferences, mentoring, etc.

Key Deliverables and Outputs

·          An inception report – of no more than 20 pages including the methodology, framework and work plan that indicates the delivery schedule, outlining the approach to be taken in the development of the HRM consultancy work with a table of contents for the report.

a.   The technical proposal: this will include a detailed profile of the consultant’s previous work experience and proposed methodology.

b.  The Financial Proposal: this will include a detailed financial proposal along with the deliverables.

c.   Any other task assigned by the client with mutual consent.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements (Qualification and Experience)

·         Education Postgraduate/ master’s degree in human resources or business management, from a recognized university or equivalent academic education.

·         Work Experience & skills required: At least 6-7 years of demonstrated experience in the Human Resource field in the public/private sector in a particular similar industry.

·         The consultant must have previously done a similar assignment and led the strategic HR function of a large corporate organization.

·         Excellent communication skills (verbal & written), presentation and cultural understanding and office IT applications proficiency.

·         The consultancy must have renewed registration certificate, License or work permit

·         Interested individual consultants fulfilling the eligibility criteria may submit a single package containing two separate documents:

Other Requirements: The Team of Consultants is required to have the following professional and technical qualifications. Only teams that have the required expertise will be shortlisted and contacted.

The consulting teams.

·         The Team of Consultants will have a minimum of 2 members:

·         Team leader

·         Human Resources & Administration proficiency specialist

·         Team leader: preferably a post-graduate degree holder in Human Resources and Development Management with more than 7 years of experience.

Criteria for Proposal Selection

The Team of Consultants is expected to submit the following information to demonstrate their suitability:

1.       Technical proposal:  Justification why the Consulting Company is most qualified and explain how they would deliver the task in the prescribed period.

2.       Financial proposal: detailed the fees of the consultants per day as well the total with cost breakdowns. Proposals will be evaluated on the following:

1.       Technical criteria – 70% of the score

2.       Financial criteria – 30% of the score 

Duration of the work

The duration of the consultancy is expected to be 90 working days.

How to Apply

Qualified and interested consultancy firms fulfilling the aforementioned requirements, shall submit their CVs written in English, technical and financial proposals along with relevant documents and saved in PDF format (mandatory) through

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