Job by World Vision Ethiopia

Position : Program Manager

Category: Development and Project Management

Location: Central Program Hub Addis Ababa, Oromia 

Career Level: Mid Level ( 2+ – 5 years experience)

Employment Type: Full time


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Job Description

  • MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIESList statements describing the final results of this position and method of accomplishments, and how results/performance are reviewed and measured.  Begin with the most important accountabilities.Major Activities and End Results ExpectedTimely and effective execution of integrated technical with financial accountability 20%
    • Lead and manage integration of programs and operations from all funding streams and ensure timely and effective implementation of all projects/program interventions of all funding types as per the annual operation plans as well as successful achievement of proposed outcomes and intended impact.
    • In close collaboration with TP Specialists at the NO and in the Hub, ensure mainstreaming of child protection, risk management, faith and development in the area program planning and implementation.
    • Provide guidance on integration and implementation of transition plans, adaptive programing plans, disaster preparedness plans and development of local institutions (CBO, CCC, FBOs, and others) linkage with MFI for sustainable development.
    • Enforce stewardship and accountability by ensuring that resources are efficiently and effectively utilized within the program/project for the intended purpose within the set timeframe ensuring that there is value for money for every activity done.
    • Adhere with internal control and ensure that all projects/programs achieve acceptable financial and operational audit results.
    • A sound understanding of project management cycle and the applied tools with ability to identify indicators that track what is trying to be achieved by putting in place a simple system to monitor and review progress towards the objectives.
    • Encourage and oversee sub-grants to smaller NGOs or community based organizations through supporting/ building capacity of partners.
    • Create strong networking and collaboration with all partners at local and international level.
    • Provide management oversight on all operational and financial risks including the core security requirements.
    Attain measurable impact in the life of children, families and community 20%
    • See the big picture and chart a course to the desired end state by breakthrough problems, challenges, issues related with compliance and activity focus.
    • Influence staffs and partners to attain common goals and encourage when problems are faced and help them focus on creating the desired change.
    • Engaging with poor communities to understand their world views and belief systems and unique set of circumstances that make them poor, and play a bridging and advocacy role with those with others to help change the unique set of circumstances by being rooted and able to form a connection to the community with passion for living and working in the area.
    • Be conversant with Biblical world view, global world view and understanding of the dual citizenship nature of good community development and emergency response and translate them into community mind set to avoid dependency syndrome.
    • Build capacity of partners in project management, including financial management, performance management with sufficient experience to be able to connect to and gain respect of community leaders, partners and authorities.
    • Mentor and be a role model in implementing community development, empowerment focused as opposed to service delivery, mobilizing and facilitating community in development endeavor, foster effective integration of various sectors including MFI interventions and able to engage religious leaders of all faiths by mobilizing them to promote holistic development.
    Provide leadership and technical support to the team 20%
    • Develop human resource development plan and manage staff development/ growth and support professional development of each staff through on the job training and off site training ensuring competent and motivated staff.
    • In close collaboration with P&C, ensure the right program staffs are recruited, retained, and provided with intentional opportunities, mentoring and coaching for development and ensure that the program staffs receive care and support.
    • Coordinate and facilitate performance management and ensure there is performance culture among the TP coordinators, Comms, MEAL and all direct reports.
    • Facilitate team building, motivate and maintain strong relationships.
    • Model a high standard of personal servant leadership, maturity and integrity as an example to staff and others, nurturing staff spirituality, reinforce the core values to enable understanding of WV operations and culture as well as facilitating a working environment of mutual trust, respect, and care among all staff.
    Ensure compliance of policies, standards, guidelines and procedures including child sponsorship and child protection 10%
    • Dissemination and support implementation of Partnership and NO strategies, guidelines, initiatives and policies in the district/zone.
    • Facilitate the development of strategic directions for the program in line with World Vision ministry focus and ensure all planning and budgeting processes are aligned with the standards.
    • Lead the implementation of management decisions/recommendations in order to meet quality standards and promote alignment with strategies and standards.
    • Build capacity of community and frontline staffs on child protection strategic objective, standards and policy and help them integrate child protection in the project/program planning, and ensure that all child protection compliance standards and guidelines are fully met during implementation of strategic objectives using the WVI approved models, methodologies and standards. Work with children actors and other key stakeholders to ensure that there is effective reporting, referral and follow up of child protection incidents according to the WVI approved CP standards.
    • Innovatively and creatively initiate multiple child protection projects geared at promoting enhanced protection of girls and boys.
    • Effectively roll out the integration of child sponsorship in Area Program, roll out sponsorship initiatives and systems, streamline and ensure quality and timely Child Sponsorship related communications from the Area to NO, district stakeholders and SOs, and ensure timely and quality monthly, quarterly and bi-annual Child Sponsorship report.
    Ensure innovation in programs, approaches and processes including information management 10%
    • Contextualize development models in an innovative way and thinking out of the box. Closely work with NRD and GAM to develop and fund initiative.
    • Facilitate innovation and initiate multiple economic projects at household level that relate to household livelihood to provide sustainable economic development platform for achieving child wellbeing.
    • Work with community to identify economic potentials available within the community and translate the available economic potentials to improve household income and partner with MFI to address the challenges which can turn into great opportunities.
    • Promote and come up with new innovation and simple technologies that will address some of the development challenges.
    • Ensure necessary tracking, compilation, analysis and innovative use of programmatic data.
    • In collaboration with WVE Communications, work and identify marketing and informational material for WV and external use.
    Ensure community empowerment through partnership, networking and advocacy and resource mobilization 10%
    • Lead and support AP team and partners to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate project/program and build their capacity in project management including financial and program management.
    • Facilitate networking, relationships and participation with wide stakeholders such as government, church, faith based organization and community based organizations at local and district/zone level, and MFI for sustainable improvement of community livelihood.
    • Build strategic partnerships, networks, coalitions and alliances at the district/zone/regional level that can be linked with the national level strategic engagements to promote advocacy, lobbying and influencing initiatives.
    • Document lessons and learning from advocacy engagements and link with national level advocacy initiatives.
    • Develop a mapping of resource needed within the AP and work with GAM at the NO to develop concepts/proposals for funding to execute WVE strategy.
    • Provide support to the donors visiting the county for effective and efficient coordination of information sharing and messaging.
    • Empower community to see the bigger picture of their lives, change the mind set towards development so that they can avoid dependency syndrome,  own their development without depending on donor support or hand outs and to realize that they have potential, capacity and resources that can be used to change their lives.
    Quality programming through quality program development, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (PDMEAL) processes 10%
    • In close collaboration with sector specialists, ensure that quality projects are implemented at the program area while following partnership standards, policies and protocols, including all relevant sections of the Field Financial Manual.
    • Ensure adequate quality assurance processes like assessments, design/ redesign, Transformation Development Indicators (TDI) measurements, and evaluation exercised.
    • Monitor performance of the team in relation to execution, changes, innovations or new model that is introduced.
    • Provide regular reporting to the line management as per the national office guideline, consolidate semi-annual and annual program reports for submission to support office and donor according to LEAP and prepare quality and timely quarterly, bi –annual, annual and terminal report to partners.
    • Ensure that both evaluation and audit (Finance and Operations) recommendations are timely responded to, fully implemented and progress is reported quarterly.
    • Support in designing of all programs irrespective of funding sources including annual planning and budgeting processes by working closely with and supporting MEAL Officers in the Hub including AP MEAL officers for timely and quality delivery of program/project designing and planning in accordance with DME policy and strategic initiatives like LEAP, DPA, HORIZON and others.
    • Ensure all projects and programs are monitored and reported including AMR, SAR, AMIC and LQAS measurements and others to ensure proper measurement of set indicators within the hub irrespective of the funding sources. Support all projects and programs are evaluated with proper participation of respective stakeholders including regional, zonal and woreda government offices as required and communities.
    • Coordinate and support APs in strengthening learning practices and rolling out social and program accountability frameworks and establishment of feedback mechanisms from beneficiary communities in APs which have pleaded to implement the framework and encourage and support other APs to implement the same

Job Requirements


Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

  • BA/Bsc Degree in Economics, Agriculture, Business Administration, Development Studies/Planning, Social Science, Management, Education, Public Health or related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience with regards to the designing, planning, implementation, supervising and reporting on integrated development, relief and/or advocacy projects/programs At least 2 years’ experience in managing complex grants and programs/projects with significant experience in overseeing large multi-year program.

How to Apply

Following the Link attached here under you can apply on Work day International

World Vision has zero-tolerance towards abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults. Every prospective employee, volunteer, and intern is obliged to comply with world vision’s child and adult safeguarding policy.”

Apply NowDeadline
Feb 27, 2023 

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