Ethiopian Airlines Call for Written Exam

Dear applicants,

We would like to inform you that the written exam for the positions of Trainee Pilot (PTS) and Trainee Cabin Crew (CC) will be conducted for the applicants who have applied and taken the physical screening from August 21, 2023, to August 25/26, 2023. The following listed candidates are requested to appear for the written exam:

Position: Trainee Pilot (PTS) and Trainee Cabin Crew (CC)

If your name is not listed below, it means that you have not been selected for the next process. We appreciate your interest in training with Ethiopian Airlines.

Please note the following important instructions:

  1. Candidates should arrive on or before the specified time. Any candidate who arrives later than the mentioned time will not be entertained.
  2. Candidates should come properly groomed.
  3. Candidates are required to bring their original Kebele ID card.


  • Candidates are not allowed to bring any kind of electronic devices, including but not limited to mobile phones and smartwatches.
  • Applicants who have applied for other positions will receive separate announcements and schedules regarding the written exam date.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at

Please find the table below to check if your name is listed:

Location: Ethiopian Airlines Head Office, Addis Ababa
Location: Jigjiga University, Jigjiga
Location: Ambo University, Ambo
Location: Wollega University, Nekemit
Location: Arbaminch University, Arbaminch
Location: Meda Welabu University, Robe
Location: Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar
Location: Assosa University, Assosa
Location: Haramaya University, Harrar
Location: Debreberhan University, Debreberhan
Location: Hawassa University, Hawassa
Location: Wollo University, Dessie
Location: Jimma University, Jimma
Location: Dire Dawa University, Dire Dawa
Location: Selale University, Fitche
Location: Mizan Tepi University, Mizan Tepi
Location: Mekelle University, Mekelle
Location: Gambella University and Gambella Regional President Office, Gambella
Location: Wolkitie University, Wolkitie
Location: Semera University, Semera
Location: Adama Science and Technology University, Adama
Location: Madda Welabu University, Shashemene Campus, Shashemene
Location: University of Gondar, Gondar

Please check the candidate list for your name.

Best regards,
Ethiopian Airlines Recruitment Office

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