Bank of Abyssini

Bank of Abyssinia is a share company of private individuals who amass experience and success in different areas including business, entertainment and education.

Such diverse ownership not only reflects the company’s determination and willingness to succeed in the sector it operates in, but also signify its ability to work together towards building a successful business venture and commercial bank service. 

BoA’s commitment to deliver quality commercial products along with first class customer service makes BoA the most suitable bank for all.

Adopting its tagline in such manner reflects BoA’s deep association with the society.

With more financial products and services BoA has demonstrated through the years that is a Bank for all and any kind of customer.   

Position 1Bank Trainee

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Economics or other business related fields.

Experience: 0 Year

Year of Graduation: 2021 and 2022 graduates

CGPA: 2.75 and above

Age: 25 and below

Salary: very attractive

Place of Work: Gubre Branch, West Addis District,

Applicants should attach the following documents:-

  • 8th grade Certificate and Kebele ID
  • Degree with CGPA (student copy)
  • Cost sharing documents
  • All documents should be scanned in PDF format

Position 2: Legal Advisor

Education:-LLB Degree in Law

Experience: – minimum of 6 years banking experience, of which 3 years in the area of Law.

Job Objective:

To protect the Bank from future losses and claims arising from legal obligation/commitments through the provision of proper and adequate legal advices to the financing process performers and confirmation of the legality of financing transactions.

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Position 3: Clerical Aid

Position 4: Grade I Branch Business Manager

Education: BA Degree in Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Economics, or Business- related fields.

Experience: 6 Years and above Banking experience.

Place of Work: Amde Work Branch, Sanka Branch

Position 5: Grade I Branch Manager

Education: BA Degree in Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Economics, or Business- related fields.

Experience: 7 Years and above Banking experience.

Place of Work: Gunchire Branch

Deadline: Nov 04, 2022

How to Apply:

After checking the eligibility criteria and prepared all the necessary documents, qualified and eligible applicants apply online through BoA career website:

Applicants should attach the following documents:

• 8th Grade Certificate and Kebele ID,Degree with CGPA (Student Copy),Cost Sharing Documents,

• All documents should be scanned only in pdf format,

• Applicants should apply only on one job Position,


  • In person or postal application is not accepted,
  • Ineligible/Unqualified applicants will be automatically rejected,
  • Applicants are urged to submit only one applications;
  • Those who submitted multiple applications will be denied.
  • Any updates will be communicated only through email.

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